Woo! I want to space out the performance/elimination chapters from each other, so my one reader will have to do with this yak right now.


Chapter six is finally up. Go ahead and get mad at me for taking this long, one-person-who-actually-visits (I'm looking at you, Smartie.)

I'll finish Chapter 7 in a shorter time frame. Seriously. 


This Weebly site is getting me no feedback whatsoever. Thus, I'm considering moving this to a new thread in VFTW's General Chat forum. You guys are my target audience, and I want to entertain you. And judging by the pageveiws on the day Chapters 4 and 5 were published, I'm not doing a very good job of it.

So, um, let me know if you think I should do that or not. I don't want to burden the board, but this lack of communication is unnerving.


Chapters 4 and 5 are up! I know, I haven't updated in forever and a day, so for the four of you that still visit this craphole, they're ready to view.

Also, the Weebly interface fucking sucks. I can't turn off doublespacing when pressing enter to make a new line, and sometimes it won't doublespace anyway. A small edit took ten minutes of messing with the retarded bolding feature and trying to get the damn thing to singlespace so the edit would fit in the with of the segment. Also, when I copypaste text, it doesn't keep the format. That is extremely. EXTREMELY. Annoying.

Anyway, go read the demichapter and results show, and please leave a comment or something here.

Minor Changes 10/15/2008

I've removed the front page, since it's mostly just getting in the way. This blog is now the main page, with information about the site in the sidebar.

Chapter 1's font is now the same as that of chapters two and three. In addition, each chapter has a header and footer with links to the other chapters.

Also, since my previous post has been met with a resounding "...", I will continue with the story. The in-story VFTW pick is Alexander Feber, unless I get some contrary feedback. (I'm not holding my breath)

EDIT: After some thinking, I realize that Achibe Adams fulfills more of VFTW's criteria for selection. Since Dave would probably designate her as the pick first, that's what the pick will actually be. Ich bin schizophren.

Chapter 3 is up 10/12/2008

I completed chapter three, the Top 24 show.

This was written in blog format to cover the episode, since none of you really care about what Seacrest is doing on stage.

I'll write up a demichapter about happenings at VFTW sometime after the pick is settled. Comment on this post, saying who should be the VFTW selection, please. Unless you want me to take the steering wheel.

I have a quickref for possible picks as comment number one, but it contains spoilers, so read Chapter 3 first if you care about that sort of thing.

Edit: I forgot to mention, green text is a link. This is to make the links visible on the background color.


This page is the updates and blog forum part of the site. Chat in the comments section if you want to--when I get new posts detailing updates, feel free to talk there.